Achieve Better Health With Computer Glasses

Achieve Better Health With Computer Glasses

Many jobs require you to sit at the computer for hours on end, staring at a bright screen.

These conditions can cause all kinds of strain on your body and eyes, since you likely rack up even more screen time outside of work. It’s especially difficult on your eyes to use the computer for several hours in one sitting, because the screen sits at a distance that is neither near (like reading a book) nor far (like during driving), forcing eye muscles to constantly adjust and fatigue. Computer glasses can be an easy way to reduce strain on your eyes from prolonged computer use, and they can lead to multiple health benefits.

Reduced Headaches

Your eyes link to your brain, so it’s no wonder consistent tension and strain can lead to headaches you might otherwise avoid. Computer glasses reduce blue light that strain eyes and offer magnification so the screen appears a more natural distance and size for natural reading and use.

Less Back and Neck Pain

When eye strain becomes an issue, many computer users try to fix the issue by leaning forward, bending their necks, or positioning themselves in other unnatural ways that cause more problems than they solve. Computer glasses reduce eye strain and magnify the screen, so no more leaning in or craned neck.

Mitigate Presbyopia

Humans over 40 naturally start to lose their nearsighted vision over time, a condition known as Presbyopia. Computer glasses magnify screens in a way similar to reading glasses, so you don’t need to worry about losing your ability to use the computer as another year passes by.

VS Eyewear is a leader in producing durable, stylish, and super functional computer glasses to suit any user, even those requiring prescription lenses. Want to learn more? Get more information on computer glasses and pick your favorite style with VS Eyewear right here.

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