Does Your Child Need Computer Glasses?

Does Your Child Need Computer Glasses?

Do you remember when your mother or father would tell you that you were going to harm your eyes if you stared at the television or your desktop computer for a long period of time?

Did you think your parents were telling you something that was not true? Well, your parents may have been sharing some very important information with you. 

When you were younger, the issue of staring at a computer screen or television screen was seen as a smaller issue at that time. However, that small issue has turned into a very real problem when it comes to your children’s eyesight and the health of their eyes. This threat to your children’s eyes is known as blue light.

We know you are doing everything you can to make sure your children’s eyes remain healthy at all times by feeding them the right foods and taking them to their regular eye appointments, but your children may not be able to avoid the blue light that is likely a constant in their bedrooms and other areas as they continue to use their digital devices. 

 Since your children can take in more blue light than you can, the blue light is easier to impact your child’s eyes because their eyes do not have the strong protection your eyes have. If you want to provide your children with the eye protection they need, you may want to think about purchasing them a pair of computer glasses that will do the job of blocking blue light.

The lenses in computer glasses will have a coating that is able to prevent any damage when your children are being exposed to glares and blue light. Computer glasses can protect your children’s eyes from the dangers of eye fatigue, including frequent headaches and blurred vision. Computers can do a great job of preventing glare due to the use of an anti-reflective coating.

If your child does any of the following, he or she may need to use computer glasses:

  • Enjoys spending time watching movies and TV shows on their television
  • Spends multiple hours a day staring at their phone or other mobile device browsing social media
  • Spends multiple hours a day playing video games instead of going outside to play a game

Your child does not need to have a current prescription in order to wear computer glasses. If you think your child may need to wear computer glasses based on the following information, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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