How Do You Know Your Radiation Safety Glasses Are Safe?

How Do You Know Your Radiation Safety Glasses Are Safe?

Protecting your eyes if you work in a high-radiation environment is crucial. If you’re looking for glasses to do the job, whether you’re looking for wraparound glasses that protect your whole eye, fitovers and prescription glasses that incorporate your current prescription, or eyewear that you and your coworkers can comfortably work in for hours, make sure you’re getting all the protective features you need.

Here’s the information to look for:

Are the frames .75Pb Lead Equivalency?

Lead blocks the energy of x-ray beams and other radiations, but it’s not always a practical material for safety equipment. Look for industry-standard equivalents to lead that offer the same protective elements without the exposure or weight. .75Pb lead equivalency frames offer the same protection as lead that is .75mm.

Are the lenses High-Lite Transmission Lenses?

Glasses and eyewear that protects your eyes are absolutely essential, but they still need to give you the light you need to do your job quickly and correctly. Look for lenses that are designed to let in as much visible light as possible with high contrast. High-Lite transmission Lenses offer 20% more visible light.

Are the lenses Schott SF6?

SCHOTT Advanced Optics is well-known for its glass lenses that resist radiation and are made for radioactive work environments. Not only do the glasses protect your eyes, they’re also protected against degradation over time so you can keep using them.

If it’s time to get new protective eyewear for your office or workplace, go to VS Eyewear to find the right models for your levels of radiation.


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