How to Choose a Pair of Radiation Safety Glasses

How to Choose a Pair of Radiation Safety Glasses

Many professionals are required to wear radiation safety glasses at work, but choosing a pair requires some thought.

The wrong safety glasses can not only be awkward to wear, but they could also compromise your well-being. If you have a tight schedule and frequently meet with clients or customers, your safety glasses need to look stylish and professional. Here are a few key features that you should look for in your next pair of radiation safety glasses.

High Standards

Above all, these glasses need to provide the best eye protection for your specific job. If you work in a setting where you are exposed to radiation, your eyes are the first part to be affected. A .75 pb lead equivalency ensures the greatest amount of protection without interfering with the other functions of the glasses.

Choosing the best quality lenses are a wise investment. With a lower quality lens, you would need more light to see what you are doing and this could affect your performance in low light situations. Many professionals favor Hi-Lite Transmission lenses, which allow for 20 percent more light visibility than other lenses of the same type.

Maximum Comfort

If your glasses are too uncomfortable you may find yourself trying to work without eye protection. As you choose a pair of radiation safety glasses, make sure they sit comfortably on your nose and the frames don’t press into your temples too much, or so loose they slide off when you are doing something. This is especially important if you expect to wear them for long periods of time.

The biggest frames and lenses are not always the best because if they are too cumbersome they will interfere with you doing your job. But, the fit should be comfortable but snug snugly so radiation doesn’t slip in. Choose from metal or plastic lenses, depending on your needs for comfort and functionality. There are many lightweight options to choose from

Professional Look

You need not worry about how you will look in protective eyewear because today’s styles are both functional and attractive. You can choose radiation safety glass frames in a color suited to your workplace culture and personality. Stylish frames with a touch of embellishment or simple frames that look like regular glasses with the addition of transparent side shields are available. So, the next time you need radiation safety glasses consider adequate protection, comfort, and style to ensure that your investment gives you the most for your money please contact us.

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