How to Choose Night Driving Glasses

How to Choose Night Driving Glasses

Night driving glasses can give you an invaluable edge for navigating the unpredictable state of roads when it gets dark out.

The lowered nighttime visibility paired with more potentially inhibited drivers creates a higher need for vigilance and reaction speed; for this purpose, a good pair of night driving glasses can be a literal lifesaver. Of course, the multitude of options on the market means that some night driving glasses are definitely made to a higher standard than others; this is how to tell the difference and get the right value you need every time. The following are all essential things to keep in mind when taking your proper pick for the pair.

Weight and Durability

A pair of night driving glasses that weigh just right are essential for wearability. Instead of clunky metal and glass pinching your face, it’s far more comfortable to have a lightweight model that does the job perfectly while feeling as though it’s barely even there. Of course, while being light and comfortable is ideal, it’s best when coupled with the right strength of alloy to count on long-term durability as well. Make sure to check for the right strength of material.


Chances are that you’re going to be driving to a more diverse variety of places at night than just the supermarket down the road. If you’re the outdoorsy type, a car probably won’t be the only way you get moving outside either. Night driving glasses that you can count on for the long haul should not only be fit for driving, but also other casual transport styles such as biking and riding a scooter. Make sure the design accommodates all your preferred commuting methods for the highest satisfaction.

UV Protection Quality

Different night driving glasses models mean different qualities of UV protection overall. While slightly weaker UV protection grades can certainly be passable, you may feel most secure with a model that offers complete UV400 protection for absolute defense against all UVB and UVA exposure. Make sure to take your specific UV protection needs into account, and once you’ve got your minimum standard, make sure the model’s specifications match the grade of protection that you’re honestly in need of.

Glare Elimination

In addition to basic UV protection, there’s also the matter of glare defense. In addition to other drivers’ headlights, the rapidly changing state of the environment around you as move down the road at high speed presents all kinds of unpredictable opportunities for an unexpected glare to flash bomb your line of sight. Glare elimination potential is also an important part of reducing eye fatigue for longer trips. The best quality of night driving glasses that you can find will be specially made to filter out scattered blue light to reduce the threat of any glare hazards. 


In summary, night driving glasses provide simple but strong value made up of multiple significant factors. The more due diligence you do in making your final choice in purchase, the better off you’ll be in the long run for it by far. Here at VS Eyewear, we pride ourselves on providing a top notch selection of immaculately designed night driving glasses. Each piece is professionally crafted and personalized for the owner’s best fit. If you’d like to learn more about how our night driving glasses selection may suit your needs, contact us today.

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