Increase in Laser Safety Glasses Sales Likely After Latest FDA Announcement

Increase in Laser Safety Glasses Sales Likely After Latest FDA Announcement

In late June 2016, news was released that may have countless medical personnel reaching for their laser safety glasses. What event could prompt such an interest in specialty eye-wear? It was the release of Raindrop Near Vision. In case the information hasn’t made it to your corner of the healthcare industry, please allow us to elaborate for just a bit:

What’s Behind the Estimated Uptick?

It’s a new, implantable option for patients suffering from a widespread health condition known as presbyopia. At least a billion, middle age people are said to suffer from the once untreated problem. Accordingly, many of those individuals will no doubt seek out the new option, leaving healthcare professionals in need of pre, surgical and post-operative eye-wear. Which types of eye-wear should be worn when dealing with surgical candidates?ls-kg5-808b_lg

Physicians and Support Staff Should Plan Ahead

Comfortable, laser safety glasses that reduce radiation exposure from a number of class systems are preferred and you can find out more about the different types available for medical use here. Because the U.S Food and Drug Administration just gave the implantable device kudos, there is still time to review all of the laser safety glass options mentioned on the linked page. However, given the speed at which the device is likely to reach the market, we wouldn’t advise waiting too long to make a purchase.

Which Classes of Laser Safety Glasses May Be Needed?

We’ve already checked out what the inlay manufacturer has said about the surgical procedure and it appears that femtosecond systems will be at the forefront of the resurgence. They tend to generate 500 femtoseconds of light, which puts them in the Class 3B or Class 4 categories depending on the subtype. With that said, regular as well as prescription laser safety glasses in those classes are the first ones healthcare professionals should consider investing in. To learn more about laser safety glasses that may be needed to treat presbyopia patients with the new device, please contact us.


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