Laser Safety Glasses and the Growing Need for Strike Protection

Laser Safety Glasses and the Growing Need for Strike Protection

VS Eyewear provides a complete line of laser safety glasses and goggles for education, military, research and medical applications, as well as prescription laser safety glasses. VS also offers protection against the growing threat of intentional and unintentional laser strikes.


An alarming trend of laser strikes on vehicles and individuals has given rise to the need for those not working directly with laser light to employ eye protection. Increasing reports of laser strikes on aircraft highlight the catastrophic potential of malicious use of high-power laser pointers and pose the same risk for other forms of transportation.


The improvements in laser pointer technology have miniaturized devices and increased power outputs, while simultaneously lowering prices. Along with little regulation, these aspects have led to a proliferation of powerful laser pointers.

Law enforcement, military personnel and couriers are now just as vulnerable to laser strikes, along with civil transport, such as bus drivers and train engineers. These strikes can cause temporary blindness and long-term eye damage to drivers, operators and commuters and possibly lead to devastating accidents.

In response to these threats, VS Eyewear provides three specific types of filters to protect against the most common types of laser strikes. Our filters are engineered to absorb green, blue and red wavelengths, without blocking the lights from aircraft or vessel control panels or automotive dashboards.

VS Eyewear takes great pride in providing solutions for those defend and protect our country and those who keep it running. Contact us today for the latest and highest quality eye protection for any application.


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