Lead Dental Aprons

Lead Dental Aprons

We have all put on a lead apron before when we have had x-rays taken of our teeth. But, have you ever wondered why? Are they important? Lead aprons certainly are important, as they protect patients and healthcare providers from the radiation that is emitted by medical imaging equipment. Protecting healthcare providers and patients from radiation is extremely important, as it can be harmful to the body or to a fetus.

Pregnant or breast-feeding women need to take special care to protect themselves from radiation when having imaging done on the stomach, chest or pelvic regions. If they do not, dangerous complications could arise, for example, birth defects or other issues. It is also a top-priority to provide lead aprons to women who are breast-feeding to protect their baby and them. It is incredibly important to ensure that both sides of the breasts are covered in order to obtain the best protection possible.

Health care providers and patients should be on the look out for damaged lead aprons. Aprons should never be folded, as it can cause the lead inside the apron to crack, leading to exposure of radiation through the cracks. Instead, aprons should be hung on a lead apron rack. There are different apron rack options that will work with your office space. As a patient, if you notice a lead apron is looking a little too worn or can feel holes and cracks in the lead, tell your healthcare provider immediately.

At VS Eyewear, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch laser safety and radiation protection products. Contact us to learn more about lead aprons or with any other questions you may have.

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