Radiation Safety Glasses – Protect Your Eyes, Not Just Your Body

Radiation Safety Glasses – Protect Your Eyes, Not Just Your Body

Radiology technicians spend their days taking patient X-rays behind lead-plated glass and walls. It is hard to feel stylish and original while wearing heavy, leaded aprons and generic spaceman goggles from the sixties. Fortunately, VS Eyewear has a solution to your workday dilemma with their wide range of radiation safety glasses

Each of the Radiation Eyewear Frames we offer comes standard with .75 Pb Lead Equivalency, High-Lite Transmission (20% More Visible Light), 1.80 High Index Schott SF6 Lenses. We carry a wide range of plastic or metal frames with an option for prescription lenses in the fashionably functional frames. All of our frames except for the Wiley-X are available in your prescription.


If you prefer, our OverFit Radiation Lead Glasses are made to fit comfortably over your own prescription glasses. They come in several different frame shapes, sizes and colors.


VS Eyewear is excited to now being carrying over 65 designer frame options from both Nike and Wiley-X. They are a great way to show your personal style while protecting your valuable sight.


Our Wrap Around frames are available in either metal or plastic and are designed to stay put without being uncomfortable. There are various colors, frame shapes and fits to choose from. It’ll be easy to find one that suits your taste and needs.


For those of you who still require the additional safety or enjoy the look and fit, we do offer two styles of goggles and face-shields. They’re designed to protect more than just your eyes.


To learn more about the entire range of our safety eyewear and products, please contact us.

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