Radiation Safety Glasses’ Veracity Verified: Combo Approach is Key

Radiation Safety Glasses’ Veracity Verified: Combo Approach is Key

Have you read the March 2017 edition of JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions yet? It contained a very educational piece pertaining to radiation safety glasses.

The article was put together in part by Mayo Clinic staff members who work a lot with scatter radiation. For those that don’t know, it’s the type of radiation used in medical imaging. Over the course of the health experts’ work, they become most concerned with the impact radiation may have on the body.

Accordingly, they tested radiation safety glasses and a host of other exposure prevention measures to see how well they worked. As it turns out, the glasses do work. However, because they only address the eyes, they need to be used in tandem with other protective gear. Otherwise, a degree of scatter radiation may still reach the person in question and negatively impact his or her health. Accordingly, we urge people to buy the best leaded glasses and protection accessories available.

To ensure that the best radiation safety glasses are employed, buyers should immediately check out the pairs’ lead equivalency rating. We’d suggest shooting for at least a 0.75mm lead equivalency rating because it generally affords sufficient protection in most exposure situations. In addition to the rating, buyers should look at the size and shape of the lenses as well. After all, in order to offer the best protection the lenses should fully cover the eye and as much of the surrounding area as possible.

Of course using the additional items mentioned in the research based, journal article will help buyers obtain maximum coverage. At VS Eyewear, we happen to have some of those protection accessories in stock along with others not considered by the researchers. Examples of other radiation safety devices to be used with the best leaded glasses includes, but is not limited to shielding glass, liquid proof aprons, thyroid shields, booths and vaults. To learn more about those additional devices, please contact VS Eyewear today.

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