The Versatility of Lighted Prescription Safety Glasses

The Versatility of Lighted Prescription Safety Glasses

Good lighting is a must from both a safety and work performance point of view. For many workers, it isn’t always available. For example, maintenance personnel sometimes work in dimly lit areas or outdoors at night beyond the reach of floodlights. Plumbers and electricians typically work in poorly lit enclosed areas. Quality control inspectors often need shadow free lighting.

However, a flashlight is a clumsy solution for these situations when you’re doing hands free work. Finding a convenient spot for a flashlight that adequately illuminates your work isn’t always possible. Headlamps do the job but are an extra piece of equipment you have to remember to always carry with you. They also get uncomfortable in situations where you aren’t wearing a helmet. On the other hand, lighted prescription safety glasses eliminate the clumsiness of flashlights and the discomfort of headlamps.

Lighted prescription safety glasses are always with you in work situations requiring eye protection. That means you’ll never find yourself in circumstances where you’re forced to work in the dark, or waste time looking for a flashlight or head lamp. Because they’re positioned at eye level, they do a better job at illuminating your work area than either a flashlight or headlamp.

The Home Benefits of Lighted Prescription Safety Glasses

Many of the work related benefits of lighted prescription safety glasses also apply to home DIY work. Working in a crawl space or attic are two examples of this. They’re useful during power outages or when night reading in circumstances where you don’t want to disturb others. They increase your visibility and provide lighting when jogging or bicycling at night.

Lighted prescription safety glasses are especially useful for the outdoors person in situations that demand eye protection and lighting. Setting up a tent in the dark and collecting firewood require hands free lighting. Cutting firewood requires eye protection from flying bits of wood, while hiking off trail (such as when fishing or hunting) exposes the eye to thick tree branches and brush.

Prescription safety glasses eliminate the need for carrying an extra piece of gear (flashlight or headlamp) when on your outdoor excursions. That’s one less thing you’ll forget to bring, one less thing that’ll get lost, and one less item to carry in your backpack.

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