Three Features of Lead Aprons You’ll Want For Your Dental Practice

Three Features of Lead Aprons You’ll Want For Your Dental Practice

Are dental X-rays safe? While researchers have never determined a “safe” dose for radiation exposure from X-rays, the patient benefits of having their dentist or doctor be able to see what’s going on in their mouths is generally accepted to outweigh the minor risk from an X-ray dose.

Nevertheless, a risk does exist, and that risk is multiplied by the number of X-rays a patient receives over a lifetime. For that reason, using safe and effective shielding devices and minimizing radiation exposure is vital for professional dental offices. Here’s why our lead aprons are up to the task: radiation-bodyshield-blue-print

  1. High level of protection.

It’s important to use aprons that deliver both acceptable shielding and a high range of coverage. Our dental aprons offer the equivalent of 0.375mm of lead shielding, which is suitable for use in dental environments.

The style of these aprons is also ideal for dental use, as they combine a long apron with a collar that protects from the neck to the midsection (25.5 inches in length) of an adult.

  1. Easy to use and clean.

Dental aprons are heavy — and rightfully so, as they contain metals that protect against radiation. At the same time, you want to be able to easily move the aprons and place them correctly on your patients. Our aprons are approximately 7 pounds and blend protection with comfort.

You also will want to invest in aprons that are easy to clean and liquid proof. While your patients are unlikely to soil the aprons in the short period when they will wear them, you want to be able to adhere to hygienic standards of cleaning between uses without damaging the apron.

  1. Easy to hang.

In order to preserve the integrity of the metal shielding within the apron, you must handle and store them carefully. Look for aprons that include two hanging loops to make this easy. The hanging loops allow you to keep the apron on a hanger or on a special rack designed for holding dental aprons.

Invest in good quality dental aprons to protect your patients and to last with proper care. Contact us for more information about the best dental lead aprons for your practice.


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