Turn Your Regular Glasses into Sunglasses: Visionaries Polarized Clip Ons

Turn Your Regular Glasses into Sunglasses: Visionaries Polarized Clip Ons

Why bother carrying around two different pairs of glasses? It’s a hassle. It’s also expensive. That’s why we offer Visionaries polarized clip ons.

Prescription polarized sunglasses cost upwards of three hundred dollars. And since you don’t wear sunglasses all the time, chances are they will get lost. We offer a more affordable option. 

Protecting your eyes is essential. Over time, the sun’s rays weaken your eyes. Our Proprietary Visionaries polarized lenses block out 100% of harmful UV rays, and cost much less than what you would pay for prescription sunglasses. When you wear Proprietary Visionaries lenses your eyes don’t fatigue as quickly as they do without sunglasses. This means you  can spend more time outdoors in comfort.


We offer dozens of different clip on frame sizes in our Shade Control design to ensure you get a secure fit that matches your glasses’ frame size and shape. Our stainless steel patented construction ensures that your clip on’s lightweight, perfect fit is also durable.

Choose one of our four polarized lens colors to put into one of our four different clip on frame colors. The thin, sleek design fits right into your glasses’ case. When you step outside and need sunglasses, clip them on. When you step inside, take them off. It’s that simple. We also offer many different polarized lens shades with flash mirror coating.

Check out the various frame sizes, styles and colors to find a clip on that’s perfect for you.


So, protect your eyes with style and comfort. If you have any other needs, wants or concerns, please, feel free to contact us any time.

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